June 23, 2021

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You play the odds, and the Packers played them…

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You play the odds, and the Packers played them...

I was watching the Vikings and Philadelphia game and noticed that Cousins got a number of big plays off of bootlegs and rollouts. When the Packers played Cousins they had a defensive player pressuring him on rollouts. Did the Packers pick up on a tell sign that they were always there pressuring?

No, they just learned from film study to assign a player in the defensive front to stay home on the play-action rollout, and Dean Lowry was that guy in Week 2. He did his job very effectively that day.

Brian from Pleasant Prairie, WI

Pumpkin Spice Brat? Now we KNOW he does this to you on purpose, Mike. I suppose he washes it down with club soda. I apologize for what you are about to endure from that response.

I appreciate the support.

Wes and Mike, you both do an exhaustive and professional job of imparting pertinent information to your readers and viewers about everything Packers through a variety of media formats. Is there one format that you find you prefer utilizing over the others? One that you find most rewarding to use as a means of communicating with your followers? Thanks to your efforts, I feel I am able to hold my own in conversations regarding Packers football.

Thanks for the kind words, and glad to help. I’ve always considered myself first and foremost a writer, not just because it’s my job title but the duty I enjoy the most. The videos, podcasts, etc., I’ve learned along the way, and they’re fun, but I’ll always be a writer.

Josh from Nicholasville, KY

So the NFL fined Jones for the wave. Shouldn’t they also discourage networks from using the footage and images of the play to discourage the behavior? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a play used in promotions as much as that one.

You noticed that, too, eh? Funny how that works, and in some of the league’s own videos, I might add. On another note regarding fines, it was good to see Rashan Gary wasn’t fined for his bogus RTP against the Cowboys.

If I buy a Danny V. jersey from the Pro Shop does it come with a faux tattoo sleeve?

Only if Wes hasn’t hoarded them all.

Jess from Little Chute, WI

Phil Dawson failed to convert a 71-yard attempt fair-catch-kick in 2013.

I was thinking there had been one more recent that Crosby’s shot in ’08. Thanks.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

Is there a team as it stands today that is a bit overhyped? Under?

I admit I’m more than a bit surprised both the Chargers and Browns are 2-4 right now, after how they finished last year. But there’s a lotta season left. I’m with Wes in buying what the 49ers are selling.

What happened to Dallas? They went from legitimate contenders to pretenders in a few short weeks.

You know the old saying. It’s not who(m) you play, it’s when you play ’em. Getting the Jets right when they got Darnold back was a difficult “when,” coming off two straight losses.

There’s a pretty simple reason the league hasn’t added any other referees, for safety or otherwise. That’s 17 extra people the league has to pay (one per crew), which, if my brief research is correct, could cost almost $3.5 million. Even adding only 4-5 at a central location like New York could still be $1 million. Let’s not pretend that’s an amount the league or team owners would be willing to part with at the benefit of improving safety. It’s a sad truth but profits are more important to them.

They might seriously consider the investment worthwhile if fans continue to question the legitimacy of outcomes.

George from North Mankato, MN

What an interesting day of football Sunday. What game surprised you the most?

I know Houston is pretty good, but Kansas City losing a second straight at home still surprised me. And the Chargers failing to beat a third-string QB, also at home.

Steve from Middletown, KY

How often does a Saturday submission get posted to Monday’s II?

Occasionally, and it can even reach Tuesday when the normal Monday guy is delayed a day.


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