July 30, 2021

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What You Might’ve Missed: Do-everything defender

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What You Might’ve Missed: Do-everything defender

This play gets wiped out by the questionable hands-to-the-face penalty on CB Kevin King, but it’s included here to showcase Smith’s diverse skills and his ability to help teammates. His responsibility is not to rush the QB on this play, but to pick up RB Jeff Wilson Jr. in coverage if he leaks out of the backfield. Only Smith doesn’t just wait to see what Wilson will do. He trusts himself enough to start to rush and change direction on a dime if Wilson runs a route, which he does. The initial jab step gets RT Mike McGlinchey (69) to pass set to the outside for an edge rush, opening the lane for blitzing LB Blake Martinez (50) to get to the QB first and for Amos to clean up right behind him.

This is as good a three-play sequence as you’ll see from an edge rusher without recording a sack, as Smith almost by himself forces a field goal in the red zone.

Play No. 3: First-and-10 from the Green Bay 16, first quarter, 4:48 left

Result: 4-yard completion to Kittle


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