July 30, 2021

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Trevor Davis is ready to state his case

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Trevor Davis is ready to state his case

It’s far from the ideal situation for Davis, particularly after a 2018 season lost to injury, but he’s ready to continue making his bid for 2019.

“That was encouraging,” LaFleur said of Davis’ impressive practice on Monday, when he got the ball on an end-around, a shovel pass, an intermediate throw or two, and a deep ball, showcasing the various ways he can be used.

“I’m excited to watch him in the game.”

It will be interesting to see just how much work Davis gets in Winnipeg. Because in addition to any snaps he gets at receiver, he’s on all the core four special-teams units.

Who gets the first shot Thursday on punt and kickoff return between Davis and undrafted rookie receiver Darrius Shepherd remains to be seen, after Shepherd ran back a kickoff to the 40-yard line last week at Baltimore. But Davis is also a top gunner on punt coverage and on the first kickoff coverage unit.

He just wants to play as much as the coaches will let him, well aware that given what he’s dealt with the last two years, he’s fighting the “injury-prone” label, fair or not. He was consistently healthy his first two seasons after arriving in Green Bay as a 2016 fifth-round draft pick out of Cal.

“My goal is just to show up on film every single play,” Davis said. “It doesn’t really come down big plays or how many catches you get. At the end of the day, you want to have a good rep every single rep.

“Sometimes the ball doesn’t always come your way, sometimes you might not be able to have splash plays others can see, but on film, it (shows) things. You might be able to make a block that gives a touchdown. You might be able to make a tackle on special teams.”


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