July 30, 2021

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That’s what it’s all about

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That’s what it’s all about

How would feel about plugging Josh Jackson into our hybrid role at MLB2?

Jackson played safety in the dime last week but still is a cornerback. And the Packers may call on him this week with Kevin King and Tony Brown not practicing Wednesday.

A matchup to watch in Dallas – two wily veteran “slot” players: Tramon Williams versus Randall Cobb! Should be fun to watch. Who wins?

I don’t know but talk about two players who have intimate knowledge of each other’s game. We have to see where things are at with King, too. Williams’ utilization is tied to whether King is on the field or not.

Since it has been a thorn in your side that’s just been fully removed, who has been the best Packers player to wear the infamous No. 88? It’s too bad none of them had the honor of it being retired.

I’d probably say Ron Kramer. Keith Jackson was brilliant in 1996 but only played the final two of his nine NFL seasons with the Packers.

A memorable Packers x Cowboys game that is rarely talked about was the 2007 matchup that gave us Packers fans a small glimpse of what we had in Rodgers with Brett Favre going down early in that game. Despite the loss, I was in awe of the plays Rodgers was making both with his arm and feet. I remember going to sleep thinking this dude is for real. What are your thoughts on that game?

First, props for using the Brazilian “x” for the matchup. I’ve always been a Rodgers believer (as many of you may recall about the UW-Whitewater story) but that game, in spite of the loss, showed Rodgers was ready to play.

When Mike said that we should “Dream On” about hearing what is happening in the replay booth, I just wanted to point out that this is exactly what happens in video review during a cricket match. The replay officials are mic’d up and you see exactly what they are looking at on their screens. While some calls are still controversial, at least there is some insight into the thought process that takes away a lot of the mystery.

The AAF did, too. But the league office has zero interest in letting the viewers and media into that world. It’s challenging enough to gain clarity on rulings with pool reports after games – and not for the lack of trying.

To the question of emergency QB from Mike’s Mid-Week Chat, aren’t both Big Bob Tonyan and Ty Summers former QBs? What would the II response be if ML dialed up “Philly Special” with Big Bob Tonyan tossing a TD to AR12?

It would lose its collective mind if the “Bobby Special” was effectively executed.

You have mentioned that injured rookie TE Jace Sternberger will need additional time to learn the position because the TE spot is complex. Although he is not practicing with the team, is he working to learn that portion, such as classroom or on the field during practice sessions? Same question applies to the talented CB Ka’dar Hollman.

Absolutely. Sternberger is still around the building and in all the meetings. Hollman is ready to go. He’s just waiting for his opportunity.

Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems like the issues with challenges has an easy fix…do not let New York know what the call on the field was. Let them make the call based on the merits of what they see on the play. Not an official on the field who has to make a snap decision from probably not a great angle on a play moving a thousand miles an hour all while he’s watching 20 other guys.

That’s actually not a bad idea, though Valdes-Scantling probably would have wound up being flagged for offensive pass interference since he didn’t allow Avonte Maddox to grab all of his facemask on the non-call against the Eagles.

Milton from Falcon Heights, MN

The “I didn’t hear the whistle” excuse can be solved. Add an LED light to the facemask, visible both to the player and to others. Use a system that not only sounds the traditional whistle but also triggers the facemask light to flash. Since the light is visible to the player and others, it will show up flashing in replays. Then the officials can more clearly determine if the player reacted to the “whistle” correctly or if he deserves a penalty or ejection.

To all the fans jumping off the bandwagon after loss one: Remember the mantra from the summer, “Optimism without expectations.” The NFL is the ultimate week-to-week league. There are no easy outs on the schedule.

There’s too much parity (for the most part) in the NFL for teams to get on a lengthy winning streak without stumbling. Look no further than the Ravens-Browns game last week.

Glenn from Fort Worth, TX

Last year during the “100 Seasons” celebration, it was mentioned that Cliff was working on an exhaustive history of the franchise and that the book would be released sometime toward the end of 2019. Is that book still coming soon? Thanks! My family and I are looking forward to meeting you at the pep rally on Saturday.

It’s coming. I don’t have a release date for you yet but it’s coming.

I really enjoy reading Inbox Q&As. How difficult would it be for you to take over the announcers’ job on TV? The announcers now are good but you guys are real and don’t change your view, period. Like now how many times we hear, ‘That’s the problem with AR,’ then he does the same thing and it works and they change their tune to, ‘That’s what I like about AR.’ So seriously, is there a chance you guys could get on TV and be like Jim Irwin and Max McGee. They knew how to narrate Packers football.

Talking heads push narratives that may be expired by Monday morning. I try to take the emotion out of the moment and keep things in perspective. Because while so-called pundits might forget what their “take” was a week ago, I never forget anything I say or write. Love it or hate it, that’s me.

With the Brewers’ season over, feel free to jump on the Braves’ bandwagon. My dad grew up in Wisconsin back when they were the Milwaukee Braves, so there is some history there. Besides, who wants to root for the “Big 3” (Astros, Yankees, or Dodgers)?

It’s weird. I’m a casual viewer of the NBA and MLB playoffs whenever the Bucks and Brewers are involved. If they aren’t, I have absolutely zero interest in either sport. I can promise you I won’t watch a single minute of the baseball playoffs. Yet, I’ve probably watched like 90 percent of the NFL playoff games the past two years despite the Packers not being involved. To each their own, I suppose.


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