July 30, 2021

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That could go a long way for this team

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That could go a long way for this team

Bill from Forest Park, OH

I have to admit, after all those times Dallas knocked Green Bay out of the playoffs in the ’90s, I still relish each victory over the Cowboys, especially in Jerry’s House of Horrors.

It’s amazing how a change of venue has changed the narrative. Nine straight losses at old Texas Stadium. Now five straight wins – four over the Cowboys – in Jerry’s World. The Packers have yet to be held under 30 points in that building. Incredible.

Statement made! Coulda shoulda woulda against Philly. Imagine when Adams is back.

Proving they could score 34 and win without him, on the road? That could go a long way for this team.

Football is a strange game. 4-1. I’ll take it!

Indeed. You didn’t think it would be easy, did you?

This 64-year-old owner is sure that Paul Hornung scored five touchdowns against Baltimore in the mid-1960s. Was at least one of them a pass catch? Great win on the road no matter what!

Yes, two of them were vs. the Colts in ’65. Jones got tackled for loss on that first-and-goal from the 1 and the Packers eventually settled for three. To think how close he was to five rushing TDs.

Michael from Mason City, IA

The roughing call on Gary – had to be because Prescott was still in the pocket, right? Even though he never threw it, he was still a “passer” at that point. But dang, the inconsistency that is NFL officiating is becoming hard to take.

“Finding Nemo” was one of my kids’ favorite movies when they were younger. You know how Dory has that famous line she repeats, “Just keep swimming”? That’s where I’m getting my new mantra when it comes to the officiating. Just keep playing. Just keep playing. It’s all you can do.

Why are some penalties allowed to be declined or accepted by the opposing team, but some are not? The false start in the red zone that resulted in a fumble recovered by Green Bay would have been a great momentum shift had it not been negated.

A false start kills the play, which then doesn’t exist. It was the right call.

Brandon from Stockton, IL

During Rodgers’ postgame interview would you have any insight as to the question trying to be asked, at about the 7:40 mark? Unbelievable moment there.

I found out afterward apparently that reporter tries his schtick in various places, which is to act like a 1920s newsman by barking out questions with a weird cadence, strange vocabulary and odd nicknames. He was asking about a former Packers star from back in the day, Lavvie Dilweg. Brady from Madison, WI, says it’s someone named “Scoops Callahan.” Whatever. Most bizarre thing I’ve ever encountered in a postgame presser. Save it for Super Bowl media day, pal. That’s when the wackiness is welcomed.

Ashley from Marrakech, Morocco

I almost went to bed at 31-3, but I’m glad I stayed up ’til 1 a.m. to see how it all played out. Yeah, there’s a lot to clean up, but these are the games that make football worth watching. PS – What did you think of Jordy wearing a blue Cobb jersey?

Loved it. I wondered if he got it from James Jones, because that was JJ’s thing for a long time, acquiring the college jerseys of all the receivers he played with.

Hey Insiders, during the broadcast as the Pack seemed to lose the offensive “mojo,” Troy Aikman offered the cogent observation that, with a big lead, offenses change their mindset to a safe-play-run-the-clock approach, disrupting the tempo that led to early success. The same might be true on defense with a big lead, resulting in the classic hemorrhage allowed by the “prevent” mentality. Your opinion?

I didn’t think the Packers got conservative on offense, really. They just weren’t executing and were committing penalties instead, which led to a few give-up calls on third-and-super-long, which is the right play rather than risk an interception or sack-fumble. Defensively, preventing the big play shouldn’t be that hard. Keep everything in front of you and make tackles. The last touchdown Alexander gave up, he mistakenly tried to punch the ball out from behind rather than just make the tackle at the 30. That’s inexcusable.

Did any of the Eagles get fined for the helmet-to-helmet hits last week on the Packers?

The helmet hits on Jamaal Williams and Darrius Shepherd (on a punt return, which wasn’t penalized) both resulted in fines, as did the facemask on Davante Adams. Kenny Clark also was fined for his RTP on Carson Wentz.

Howie from Saint Ignace, MI

The sideline no-catch call that was challenged and reversed was not an easy call for the official. Why do you think Garrett was so upset?

Great question. It was not an obvious oversight by any means.

I think this business in California regarding the new rules for college athletes will be the beginning of the end of the NCAA as we know it. If I were the California schools, I’d call their bluff, refuse to participate in any NCAA sanctioned events, and start my own organizing body. I honestly think this could happen. Especially because it’s California – if they go first, others might follow, and the NCAA is a joke. Thoughts?

The fallout from this could be years in the making. While other states have legislation similar to California’s in the hopper, Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez said he won’t be scheduling games against California teams if they’re going to be subject to different rules. Stay tuned, for a long while.

I can tell that Wes was in a mood during “Packers Unscripted” because he didn’t smile at the camera like he usually does when Mike introduced him.

Duly noted. Also, as announced on Friday’s show, we will not have an “Unscripted” episode today because our producer is out, so we will recap the Dallas game on Tuesday’s show.


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