June 23, 2021

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Rashan Gary, Darnell Savage earn early milestones

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Rashan Gary, Darnell Savage earn early milestones

Second-half surge: While Jones had the second two-touchdown game of his young career, Jamaal Williams helped spark the offense with nine touches for 63 yards in the second half.

Perhaps his biggest play was a 10-yard catch on third-and-5 early in the fourth quarter to extend an eventual 11-play, 51-yard scoring drive that drained 7:41 off the play clock prior to Mason Crosby’s 41-yard field goal.

The rainy, wet conditions catered to Williams’ power running style, with the third-year running back finishing with 12 carries for 59 yards and another 27 yards off a pair of catches.

“I love it – I love it all,” Williams said. “I think the rain slows everybody else down, so I feel like a mermaid and everybody else is dog-swimming. I just feel like I’m flowing out there. It’s the rain. I feel like Spongebob.”

New addition: Davante Adams was back on the field Sunday after he and his wife, Devanne, welcomed the birth of their first daughter, Deija Leigh Adams, on Friday.

“It’s been a lot just this past month, especially not really knowing when,” said Adams, who caught four passes for 56 yards. “Because they kind of come when they’re off-schedule, so it’s been on-call pretty much. It’s been a lot, but now I’m playing for a stronger purpose than I was before. So it’s a great feeling.”

Keeping the QB clean: The Packers’ offensive line tackled another stiff test Sunday, effectively containing Denver edge rushers Von Miller and Bradley Chubb.

Not only did Green Bay extend the Broncos’ three-game skid without a sack, but Rodgers also was only hit on one of his 29 dropbacks.

“Obviously, it’s a huge deal when you have two edge rushers like they do,” Vitale said. “They haven’t had any (sacks) the rest of this year so far, so we took a lot of good things from other teams that have played them already. I think Coach did a phenomenal job game-planning and we kind of stuck to that.”


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