July 30, 2021

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Power Moves Pilates in the New Year

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Pilates is physical fitness developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates in Germany. Joseph Pilates called his method CONTROLOGY which uses the mind to control the body. Pilates exercises teach awareness of the breath, alignment of the spine and aim to strengthen the deep abdominal muscles. Pilates is fast becoming a trend in many major cities all over the world (taking after the USA and the UK). More and more people are learning of the countless health benefits of this exercise form. Do you know it yet?

In the new year and with all your new year resolutions at hand, we have listed here a comprehensive guide of simple yet highly effective steps to help you in your achievement and follow-through of all your new year health and fitness goals. First off is to start to wean ourselves off the festivities and binge habits of Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year celebrations. Let’s take a closer look at how and together begin to put these proven tips to practice.

To wean yourself off the festive mood;

• Start cutting back on all indulgent foods. Should cravings hit, succumb only at your weakest but go for tasting portions or bite-sized pieces up to a maximum of two pieces each time. Involve yourself in activities that absorb all of you.

• Do not buy anymore festive goodies while out at the supermarket and do not do your weekly supermarketing on a hungry stomach.

• Fill your stomach with healthy fruits and whole grains before you go out visiting and/or partying. Wear figure-hugging clothes that require you to show off your true physique so you will be less willing to binge while out with family and friends.

• Drink more water to fill yourself up while you are trying to lose the festive gains and choose foods that are rich in water-content to encourage detox and weight loss.

How to set your fitness targets;

• Try something different! Sign up for classes near where you work or where you live to make it most convenient for yourself. Try the latest pumped-up classes of Drums Alive and Zumba, Anusara Yoga and Jumpboard Pilates!

• Work out in venues that inspire you and keep you going back for more. Make friends where you work out, make it a happy place to be. Having fun while you work towards your fitness goals is the greatest motivator of all.

Top three tips to get you on your way to reaching your fitness goals;

• Workout with a partner (dance with your girlfriend, cycle with your nephew, kick-box with your guy pal, take evening walks with your parent). Stay active. Your body was made to move!

• Watch what you put into your mouth. Keep a food journal for clarity on how/when/what you eat before you can make the necessary long-term change for the better. All foods to be taken in moderation. Swap serving sizes to smaller ones. Eat sitting down and enjoy the process of dining deliberately and elegantly.

• Keep your healthful changes consistent. You may start with baby steps and small increments but do keep them regular and stay on course by feeling good and feeling proud of the new you in the new year.


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