July 30, 2021

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Pilates Taking To The Waters

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There is a craze that is currently sweeping the world of Pilates, and it involves hundreds of students grabbing their Stand Up Paddleboards and heading to the water to – yes – practice Pilates. Professionals and laymen alike are now taking up this exciting new opportunity because it offers more than just a serene and tranquil environment in which to focus on your alignment and improve your strength; it also challenges the core, which is a broad focus in Pilates classes around the world.

How it Works

While on the board, he stabilizing muscles that are located in the spine and pelvis are constantly activated, and when this is combined with exercises based on core strengthening, the results are doubled. Students using the board to practice their Pilates exercises with something like Leg Circles, for example, will need to stabilize the pelvic constantly, otherwise the board will begin to rock. This reminder allows students the chance to perfect their techniques, as well as enabling them the opportunity to experience Pilates classes in a way that was never possible before.

When it comes to stability of the spine, as well as the strength of the abdomen, they will need to activate their stabilizers constantly to avoid tipping the board, and so they increase the challenge of the entire exercise. When it comes to the more complex exercised, students will be challenged even further, as this requires then to perfect the basics before they will be able to remain on the board. While falling into the water might not be the worst thing, students will still be able to feel the joy that comes from knowing that if they are still dry, they must be doing something right.

Taking Pilates Classes to the Next Level

Those that are interested in trying out Pilates with a twist might want to start out by practicing the techniques on dry land, before venturing out into the water. Pilates classes entail that a student focus on precision, and what better way to achieve this than by putting them in a situation where they are immediately notified by the board when they are doing it wrong? It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, practicing the basics that you have learned in some of your first classes or an expert who wants to combine the physical and mental benefits of a Pilates class with the tranquility of the open sea; this is an exciting option for just about anyone.


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