June 23, 2021

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Packers vs. 49ers: Performances to watch

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Packers vs. 49ers: Performances to watch

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – The Super Bowl is one win away for both the Packers and 49ers.

Here are five things to watch.

1. Game-breaker: The best tight end in the game, George Kittle, couldn’t have been more efficient against the Packers in Week 12: six targets, six receptions, 129 yards. The Packers had just scored for the first time in the game when two snaps later, Kittle got loose for a 61-yard touchdown that turned it into a blowout. Kittle was held in check by the Vikings in last week’s playoff game (three catches, 16 yards), but it appeared to be at the expense of Minnesota’s run defense, which couldn’t hold up. Do the Packers have an answer for Kittle that won’t compromise the defense elsewhere?

2. Tale of the turnover: The Packers gave the 49ers an easy touchdown in the first game with an early fumble that San Francisco recovered at the Green Bay 2-yard line and punched in for a quick touchdown. Meanwhile, Green Bay missed an opportunity for a fumble recovery early on that could have mitigated the ugly start. For the season, the Packers had the better turnover margin, plus-12 to the 49ers’ plus-4. One miscue either way could be significant.


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