July 30, 2021

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Packers mixing it up with Davante Adams

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Packers mixing it up with Davante Adams

“I think that’s the beauty in what we did last week, especially with Matt getting (Adams) ‘2’ in the slot,” said Rodgers on Thursday. “There’s been times over the years where we’ve put him at ‘3’, and I think ‘3’ is a dangerous spot, but you know ‘2’ can really be a dangerous spot if teams are going to play more two-high because you have to worry about some of the seam stuff that he’s so talented at doing.

“Him at ‘2’ or ‘3’ is a little harder for the defense to double him and he’s kind of at a danger spot there, which we like.”

Despite missing a month with turf toe, Adams is on pace to lead the Packers in receiving for the third consecutive season (63 catches for 788 yards and four TDs). If that trend holds, he’d become the first Green Bay receiver since Donald Driver (2005-07) to lead the team in receiving in back-to-back-to-back campaigns.

With Adams no longer the league’s best-kept secret at receiver after consecutive Pro Bowl appearances in 2017-18, the Packers have evolved with their competition in how they deploy their star receiver. According to Pro Football Focus, Adams has caught 24 passes for 203 yards and three touchdowns in 90 snaps from the slot this season.

Adams has followed a long line of versatile receivers who have lined up everywhere in Green Bay’s offense. At the peak of their own careers, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb shifted around to keep defenses on their toes. By lining up Adams in the middle of the field, the Packers have unearthed a unique offensive chess piece defenses must account for.

“Just like they keep us honest by moving around coverages, it keeps me moving around,” Adams said. “It’s tough to double in different areas of the field. If I’m out wide or if I’m inside, it just keeps them guessing. They don’t really know what’s going to happen if I move around a lot. It puts us in a good position where I can be freed up and potentially mess up their communication.”


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