July 30, 2021

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Packers can’t let him get comfortable

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Packers can’t let him get comfortable

Dominic from Chesapeake, VA

What happened to Dexter Williams? He was on the active roster last weekend, but Tra Carson was later activated for the game. Just curious as to the events that led to this.

The coaches trust Carson more in pass protection and as a receiver out of the backfield right now. It was evident during training camp Williams needs to improve in those areas, and he has, but Carson is more reliable even if Williams might be the more dynamic ball carrier.

So can we assume Tra Carson is the new third running back on the depth chart? Or was he all along?

My read on the situation is he was all along, once he returned to the practice squad. But the Packers figured he had a better chance to clear waivers than Williams, as far as their end-of-camp decisions were concerned.

Carolyn from Greenlawn, NY

Since Jamaal traveled with the team to Dallas am I correct in cautiously assuming that he is progressing in the concussion protocol?

Based on my past experience and observations, there have been plenty of positive signs. We’ll see if he’s back on the practice field Thursday.

From the respect I’ve seen Aaron Jones show towards others, based on his upbringing, I wouldn’t be as concerned with Ben Sirmans’ feedback as I would be with his mother’s.

Steve from Middletown, KY

Did you watch the Sunday and Monday night games? I can’t believe I saw a player in each game give the same wave as 33 to a defensive player while on the way into the end zone. I know this is a copycat league, but that didn’t take long to catch on. What has he possibly started?

Only what one flag will end.

Rich from Grand Rapids, MI

Ben from Winston, OR, had a great point that may not have been clear to Wes. It is undisputed that red-zone offense has underwhelmed. His point is that we are a couple of seconds away from being two touchdowns (and maybe one win) better. In a league of thin margins that bears mentioning. Also, don’t tell Kevin Koger (or our other QC coaches) not to look in rear-view mirror – that is his job. I guarantee that the Lions’ defensive QC coaches are aware of those near misses by 12.

I hear you on thin margins, but to say the red-zone offense has “underwhelmed” simply isn’t accurate. It was one bad game vs. Philly, 3-of-7. In the other four games, the Packers are 10-of-12 in the red zone. Yes, two of the six total stops were first-and-goals at the 1, and those are frustrating, but 13-of-19 overall is currently tied for fifth in the league. Any team would take that.

Is it just me or does Aaron Jones get tackled awkwardly often? Why do you think this is? Possibly his running style? I find myself wincing quite a few times every game thinking he’s hurt because of how he was brought down. We need him healthy!

It’s his running style, from what the players say, and it’s a good thing. Rodgers has noted before how Jones’ shiftiness allows him to avoid taking a lot of direct blows, which should prolong his career. Yes, he’s had knee issues his first two years in the league, but I don’t think they’ve been the result of awkward tackles.

In the game against Dallas, Rodgers had no touchdowns and no interceptions as we all know. How many times has Rodgers done this before and the Packers still won?

After some quick research, this was the sixth time Rodgers did not throw a TD pass and the Packers still won the game. Interestingly, three of the six have been games at Chicago (’09, ’10 NFC Championship, ’16). The others were in ’10 at the Jets and ’12 vs. Detroit. Only once in those six games did he throw an interception. He had two in the NFC title game at Soldier Field.

Is the Pack “for real”? REALLY? Ask Dallas fans after the Cowboys started 3-0 against struggling teams. Ask here in the Land of Purple as Cousins looks great against non-playoff bound teams and then comes up woefully short in big games. Don’t ask in Green Bay. There’s been no smoke or mirrors. Get and stay healthy and enjoy the ride. This is as real as it gets in the NFL!

There are no fake victories in this league.

During the Bucs-Saints game, the Bucs challenged there was a fumble by the Saints when it was initially ruled down by contact. The call was reversed to a fumble, but there was no clear recovery so it stayed Saints’ ball. Despite the call being overturned, the Bucs lost the challenge and a timeout. Is being awarded the recovery the only way for them to win the challenge?

Yes, if they didn’t have a clear recovery, they shouldn’t have challenged it.

Scott from Greensburg, IN

Rules question: Did we have the option of re-kicking after the running-into-the-punter call? I realize we had Dallas “fairly deep in their own territory,” after the punt, but if we would’ve preferred to re-kick to kill a few more valuable seconds, did we have that option? If so, am I correct we would’ve kicked from five yards from the previous spot? The official said we declined. Five yards taken away at the spot of the catch seems more fair if there’s no re-kick. Keep up the awesome work.

The Packers could have taken the five yards and re-kicked, but Scott’s punt was 58 yards with a 9-yard return. A net of 49 is outstanding and you take that anytime rather than quibble about another 7-8 seconds on the clock and tempting fate against a returner like Tavon Austin.

Hey Mike, to answer Howie’s question from Monday about Garrett being flagged when he threw his challenge flag, it wasn’t that the refs missed the call. It was that Garrett had to use his final challenge with a quarter of football left to go. Now imagine if that happened in the second quarter instead of the third. I know you said this before and I 100% agree with you, coaches should be able to challenge until they get two wrong (and as long as they have a timeout). The NFL needs to change this.

It has seemed like a no-brainer to me for a long time.

The problem with Skip Bayless is people mistake him for a sports analyst. He does not get paid to provide thoughtful analysis. He gets paid to make statements that no informed and objective observer would agree with. If he was a sports analyst he’d be terrible at his job, but he is very good at his real job of trolling for views.

Click-bait with no Wi-Fi required.


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