July 30, 2021

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It’s on to the next one

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It’s on to the next one

Derek from Des Moines, IA

Do you think the outcome would have been different if Adams was on the field?

I can’t tell you the outcome would have been any different but the Eagles would’ve had to defend those five or six plays much differently with No. 17 on the field.

Wes, I was at the game Thursday night and I thought the crowd was really loud. Your thoughts?

Lambeau has been lit. That’s what the kids call it, right?

Why did the Packers play the Cowboys twice in the regular season during the 1989 Majik year? They weren’t division opponents. What gives?

It had to do with the NFC Central and NFC East having five teams so the fifth-place teams from the previous season played each other twice.

At the beginning of each half, and after each score, there’s a kickoff. Suppose your kicker is hurt but you’ve got a world-class punter. Do the rules allow you to have a tee-less punt-off instead?

No, but there are many punters who handle kickoffs. I mean Adam Vinatieri hasn’t kicked off the ball in 10 years. Tim Masthay did for a short time here in Green Bay in 2013.

I watched the KC-Detroit and Minnesota-Chicago games and have one conclusion to make from them in comparison to Thursday’s game. Officiating between them was consistent. Albeit a poor quality of officiating but it was consistent. The early game relied too much on New York and the late game was just ugly. There really needs to be a league-wide commitment to officiating improvement. Al Riveron clearly is not able to do the job and it trickles down from there. What are your thoughts?

I watched the Detroit-Kansas City, Minnesota-Chicago and Dallas-New Orleans games on Sunday. The only thing that makes sense to me is officials are indirectly protesting the owners’ approving replay review. That or they’re simply incapable of properly officiating it. Referee lockout notwithstanding, I used to go an entire season without complaining about officiating. It’s not even week-to-week now. At this point, it’s quarter-to-quarter.

Stefan from Walenstadt, Switzerland

Now that Vontaze Burfict suspension came out, is there already something announced regarding Derek Barnett? His hit looked to me way more intentional to hurt Williams, but I guess Burfict is punished this hard as a repeated offender?

Editor’s note: I’m moving on from this one after today unless there’s some kind of league update. I made my feelings clear on the Barnett hit but it was obvious Burfict lowered his head in the open field to hit Jack Doyle. As a multiple-time offender, Burfict doesn’t get the same benefit of the doubt Barnett did.

The NFL should be handing out more suspensions and game expulsions if they really want to clean up targeting with the helmet. All personal fouls should be reviewed by the booth much like college. What happened to Jamaal Williams last week was a disgrace. The player could have been crippled for life.

Yes, but the NFL can’t just throw around suspensions left and right, either. The NFLPA, acting in the interests of both players, has a say in the matter, as well.

Could Andrew Sendejo be fined for his hit on his own teammate Avonte Maddox? If he made contact with Tonyan, there would be no questions about it. From the replay it looks like he initiated contact with his helmet, but just happened to hit his own guy.

That was my initial thought. We’ll find out for sure later this week.

Brian from Twain Harte, CA

After a loss, I tend to shy away from watching the replays and reading II. Either I don’t want to be reminded of the loss or I don’t like to wade through all the negativity of the II, or both. My question: Does the II readership increase or decrease after a win or a loss?

It depends on the game. We had terrific numbers through the first three weeks. What’s lacking after losses is the sensibility of the questions. It was brutal writing Saturday’s II. I walked away from it like six or seven times and almost shut it down after 900 words. It was the four same questions over and over with varying levels of cynicism.

Peter from Orland Park, IL

The loss Thursday stings but the positive is most if not all are correctable (that includes the officials). My question is regarding the Pro Football HOF, and correcting wrongs by electing players of the past who deserved it. We live in the present so much, when the HOF was established in 1960 players of past lore were mostly forgotten. I am suggesting players from the Packers ’30s team to be elected: Verne Lewellen, Lavvie Dilweg and Red Dunn. Even Ken Bowman and Bob Skoronski from the ’60s.

This is a better question for Cliff but I wonder if Lewellen could still be considered someday if someone pushes hard enough. Rick Gosselin and the Hall of Fame committee have done a tremendous job of revisiting some of the senior-eligible players who have been passed up.


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