July 30, 2021

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It’s genuine, and it’s been fun to observe

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It’s genuine, and it’s been fun to observe

Perhaps I am jumping the gun, but I am ready to begin making plans for next season. Do you yet know the date of next year’s owners meeting? BTW, thank you for all the great work year round keeping us engaged and informed.

For 2021? No, I don’t have those dates. This year, the owners are getting together March 29-April 1 and again May 19-20.

My favorite play of the year was the TD pass from Rodgers to Williams against the Chiefs, not just because it was a great throw and catch, but because the first player to run over and hug Williams was Aaron Jones. When two players competing with each other for snaps are also each other’s biggest supporters, you’re likely to have a winning culture and winning team. Every aspect of that play said “character.” Thanks to you guys for all of your work year round.

There’s been something special about the connection between Jones and Williams since the day they showed up here. It’s genuine, and it’s been fun to observe.

If there was a Hall of Fame for “Grace and Dignity in Disappointment,” LeRoy B. would be a unanimous winner. So impressed by the way he handled not getting in and saying he was genuinely happy for Atwater. First class.

Now in the offseason I guess it’s time to ask these questions. I heard a story that when Favre’s case was to be made to the HOF committee the man who argued it just put his hands up and said: “It’s Brett Favre.” And that was it. Case closed. All in agreement. Move on to the next one. Do you know if there’s any veracity to this?

It is thoroughly veracious. Wes and I both know (and used to work with) the individual who did that, Pete Dougherty of the Press-Gazette. I suspect whoever is presenting Peyton Manning at next year’s selection meeting will do the same thing. I know I would.

Do either of you ever lead or participate in the Lambeau Field tours?

No, but I could totally see myself guiding one in about 20 years.

Gentlemen, there is lots of speculation regarding Josh Jackson’s future in Titletown. I still believe that he is a very good football player and could yet be an asset to the Packers, but I guess sometimes you just need a fresh start. What is your take on Josh, how he has progressed and what his future in Green Bay will be?

I’m of the belief you never have enough corners, and I’d want to see how a healthy Jackson competes for playing time in training camp after the injury setback last summer. It pretty much wrecked his season on defense, though he got after it on special teams and proved his value there. I wouldn’t be giving up on a second-round pick this early, especially not at a premier position like corner. The Packers still have two years to develop his talent at a very affordable price.

I’m not sure about Pete Rose as a middle linebacker. I think he’d gamble and bite too hard on the play-action.

I don’t know whether to chuckle or groan.

My QB from another sport is Oscar Robertson. Six-foot-five, muscular, mobile, able to see the whole field, and could distribute the ball like nobody else. He even wore the right numbers: 14 and 1.

I never saw Robertson play, but I’ve heard enough to really like that selection.

Andrew from Fullerton, CA

Regarding the “new throwback” for 2020, considering the last two were from the 1920s through 1940s, I’m hoping they choose one from the 1950s. In fact, 1950 had four options: all green, all yellow, green jersey with yellow pants, and yellow jersey with green pants. If Murphy left it all up to you, what do you choose?

All green, baby. I want that green jersey with gold numbers and stripes, plus the green pants, from the early ’50s.

Which position or position group do you feel is “good enough” going into next year and we don’t need to see improvement?

Dangerous question. Someone out there is getting better, so if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse relative to the competition.

Guys after a week or so of retrospect I’ve come to the conclusion the SB teams both separated themselves in one undeniable fashion. Team speed. Real, tangible and functional speed. It only makes sense after the league has crippled the defensive side of the ball. A new type of player has emerged. These smaller burners can cross the field without worrying about having their heads separated from their bodies. Do you think the league will continue to get smaller overall? Or just at the skill positions?

There will always be a place in a physical game for big bodies to move other bodies, but that aside, I don’t think the league is getting smaller. The athletes keep changing. Sure, Tyreek Hill is a smaller guy, but Deebo Samuel is 5-11, 215. Travis Kelce and George Kittle are in the range of 6-4/5 and 250/60, bigger dudes who can really run. Defense? Nick Bosa is 6-4, 266. Kwon Alexander is 6-1, 227. Fred Warner is 6-3, 236. Chris Jones is 6-6, 310. They’re better athletes than most guys their size. That’s what getting an edge has always been about.


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