July 30, 2021

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Inbox: They had legitimate shots

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Inbox: They had legitimate shots

With all due respect to Craig from Brookfield, some of us grew up in the John Hadl, Randy Wright, etc., years and don’t see that Green Bay has “historically” had great quarterback play. We’ve beaten the system for two QBs in a row – let’s not tempt the football gods.

When someone’s idea of “historically” only goes back to Favre, it makes me feel really old.

Kathleen from Fond du Lac, WI

Kudos for an entertaining and informative platform! I enjoy reading you guys every day! My question is, after watching the 49ers-Seahawks game where Garoppolo grew careless with his throws when lots of pressure came his way, whether the Packers plan to dial up more blitz packages than usual?

The Seahawks were able to get after Garoppolo because they shut down the run, and Garoppolo didn’t have Kittle or Sanders in that game. He got Sanders back last week, and now we’ll see about Kittle. Garoppolo had to beat the Cardinals when the ground game was going nowhere, and he did it, though Arizona did get two interceptions. He’s still young, but he’s also still improving. I don’t think there’s a “book” on how to beat him. You adjust as the game unfolds and then look for a key stop or turnover in a big moment.

What do you think happened to the Lions this year? It seems perpetually they have surges where their team is pretty good and they have hope for a decent season and then they fade. This seems to happen with or without Stafford or a change of coaches. What are your thoughts?

I think they can’t be expected to win with Jeff Driskel at quarterback and all the injuries they’ve dealt with at running back. Their season was full of winning close ones and losing close ones with Stafford, and I think he would have kept them in the hunt.

Still wish the return unit could help get better starting field position. They haven’t done much this season again. Your thoughts?

Doug from Union Grove, WI

For those out there who don’t know, please remind us of the tiebreaker procedure if the Packers and Vikings split their two games, and end up tied for first at the end of the year.

Division record would be next, and the Vikings have a loss to the Bears on their ledger. After that, it’s common games, which in effect would be each team’s 14-game record, tossing out Minnesota’s results against Atlanta (win) and Seattle (TBA), and Green Bay’s against Carolina (win) and San Francisco (TBA). Then conference games.

Gentlemen, look at the remaining opponents for the top seven or eight NFC teams. This whole thing is up for grabs. Grab your popcorn, or co-worker’s lunch, everybody. Do you think it’s more likely the cream will rise, or the meat will grind?

Either way, I don’t think anyone who makes the playoffs in the NFC won’t be battle-tested.

Geoff from Beaver Dam, WI

Great article about the scout team. Which coaches are responsible for getting those guys ready? Are they in the same film room as the starters or do they have a different weekly schedule all together?

They’re in the same film sessions with the same coaches as everybody else, because they still need to know the Packers’ game plan in case they’re called upon to play. The quality control coaches draw up a lot of the opponent plays and give them to regular scout-teamers to at least glance at before practice.

Chris from Casa Grande, AZ

Looking at the stats tab in the NFL app game center, the 49ers have us beat in every stat except offensive turnovers and offensive yards per play. How do the Packers go into the house of the seventh-ranked offense and second-ranked defense, and come away with the win?

You win the turnover battle and be better in the red zone on both sides of the ball. You also handle the momentum swings in what promises to be a tough road environment. This game is going to go back and forth, and you have to be mentally prepared for that.

Remember in the mic’d up video of the 2016 NFCCG when Aaron turned to Jordy and said, “We need to get one of these at home”? Well, this game would be a huge step in that direction if they are able to get the victory. One week at a time, but you can’t help but hope Aaron Rodgers gets to play an NFCCG at Lambeau in his career.

Win the NFC North first, and there’s a ton of work left to be done there. The Vikings played their November clunker, in the first half vs. Denver, but were still able to pull it out. Now that they’ve hit their bye, I expect the Vikings to be awfully tough the rest of the way.


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