July 30, 2021

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First prepare, then get hyped to play

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First prepare, then get hyped to play

Insiders, I have come to recognize that my emotional ups and downs have decreased over the last few years. I contribute that primarily to your balanced reporting, which in turn helped me to expect less overall and enjoy the ride more. Thank you!

Liam from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

It is often said a Packers home game would never be played away from Lambeau due to the importance to the local economy. It has also been written in this Inbox that in order for the Packers to play in the UK the NFL may have to force the issue. Do you think the NFL could force the Packers to play a home game in the UK and in return award Green Bay an NFL Draft which would no doubt provide a bigger income for the city than a standard home game would?

The league has been awarding the draft to cities that can never host a Super Bowl, so I don’t think the Packers’ London prospects would get tied into the draft.

In response to Wes speculating about scenarios in which the Packers play a game overseas, I’d like to propose another option that I see as even more likely: The NFL approaches an AFC team with a large check in exchange for unprotecting an upcoming game against Green Bay.

By the way, ML doesn’t want a free pass, nor does he need one. That doesn’t mean we beat him up either. I think the next few weeks will really show what kind of coach he is. What I’ve heard from him demonstrates that he is not only learning, but desiring to learn what he needs to do to get his team to win. I’m not saying Super Bowls, but I think he can go somewhere.

Greg from Glendale Heights, IL

Did Ibraheim Campbell’s activation from PUP count against our two IR returns? If not, what does the IR picture look like for the Packers with regards to potential returnees?

No, Campbell’s return from PUP has nothing to do with the IR designations. The only Packers eligible to return from IR are Raven Greene and Lane Taylor, but I’ve seen no indications that either’s return is on the horizon.

If I have a bad performance at work, I don’t go in to work the next day with “positive vibes.” I’m angry and use that as fuel to do better. Why aren’t the players angry?

Because when your life as a professional is in a competitive arena, getting angry channels too much personal focus into emotion rather than preparation. Put in the work. First prepare, then get hyped to play.

Chris from Minneapolis, MN

Speaking of words of the day… today’s word from Word Genius is “winsome.”

Michael from Marquette, MI

Do you feel cutting Daniels was a mistake? I believe they did. Thanks.

Daniels hasn’t played since Week 3 due to a foot injury.

Dan from Grand Rapids, MI

Insiders, I take full responsibility for the Packers’ losses. I am in an eliminator pool (can pick any team any week, not one and done; you get one “redo” in the first four weeks) and I have picked Green Bay twice, against the Eagles and against the Chargers. I have been eliminated and so there’s smooth sailing ahead.

Many moons ago, when I used to participate in knockout pools I had three rules I followed without fail – never pick a road team, never touch a division rivalry, and never deal with the Packers’ game.

It’s been mentioned that for the play-action to be effective you need to run first and last week the Packers didn’t run enough. However I think it was Cris Collinsworth on Sunday night that mentioned that data indicates play-action is effective even without running. Are you familiar with what he was referring to? At times we all believe something is true when the data indicates otherwise.

If you’ve scouted your own tendencies and line up early in a formation from which you’ve run the ball the vast majority of the time, and you run play-action, it can be effective even if you haven’t run the ball against that specific team yet. But as the game wears on, you have to run the ball for the defense you’re playing to respect it.

Hey Insiders, who should we be rooting for in the DET-CHI game this Sunday, that would benefit the Packers the most?

Well, I’d say right now the odds favor Detroit holding serve at home on Thanksgiving against the Bears, so I’d root for Chicago to snap its four-game losing streak this week.

I am looking forward to Monday night to see if Russell Wilson can snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat once again. Or will the 49ers keep their undefeated record intact? Do we root for Seattle to give San Fran their first loss or do we root for San Fran to give Seattle a worse record than the Packers?

The choice there may depend on what happens Sunday.

Drew from Rogers City, MI

Seems like the best run defense the Packers can play is offense. Getting up quick on our opponents makes them one-dimensional and allows our defense to focus on turnovers and ball-hawking. Here’s to a fast start. Let’s Pack up the Panthers early…

I don’t totally discount the value of fast starts, but quick, early control in games against Minnesota (21-0) and Kansas City (14-0) didn’t exactly result in what you outlined. You still have to make plays at crunch time, on both sides of the ball.


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