July 30, 2021

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Final week of camp will be a balancing act for…

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Final week of camp will be a balancing act for...

The Packers’ backup quarterback competition is positioned to go right down to the wire with Boyle, DeShone Kizer and Manny Wilkins all in line for snaps in next Thursday’s finale against Kansas City.

“We’re going to evaluate from here until that decision has to be made,” said LaFleur regarding the No. 2 job. “There’s a few more practices left out there and then the game certainly will be a big part of that, as well.”

Perhaps one of the biggest beneficiaries of the preseason has been LaFleur, himself. Still working his way back from a torn Achilles tendon, LaFleur has learned how to delegate certain game-management responsibilities to his staff.

Since he can’t just take off running, LaFleur estimated the Packers lost about six or seven seconds at the end of the game because officials didn’t hear him screaming for a timeout.

Moving forward, LaFleur plans to have quarterbacks coach Luke Getsy, who is on headset, designated as the guy to draw the attention if the side judge is down the sideline.

“That’s why I wanted that game to take place, because every opportunity that I have to go out there and go through that process is good for myself and for our staff,” LaFleur said. “Just to make sure our communication’s on point, we’re getting the necessary information down from the press box to myself, staying in tune to when the defense is out on the field.”


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