July 30, 2021

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Can Pilates Be A Part Of Fibromyalgia Treatment?

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Around 2 percent of the American population is suffering from the condition of fibromyalgia. It starts in adulthood and remains throughout the rest of the life. This disorder is more common in females but certain pilates exercises can bring relief in pain arising from this condition. Fibromyalgia happens to be a chronic disorder that results in pain, fatigue and discomfort in joints. The people suffering from this condition have sleeping problems as well.

According to a research, most patients of fibromyalgia can never get to the stage of deep sleep. This makes them feeling tired and exhausted all the time. Moreover, if this condition or rheumatoid arthritis ever existed in your family, then you might develop fibromyalgia in early to mid adulthood. Overcoming this condition is hard for the patient but Pilates exercises can restore the muscle functions to some extent.

What causes fibromyalgia in the first place?

The true causes of this muscular condition are unclear but science has identified the link from genetics. In other words, your family history can be a risk factor or genetic mutations in later part of your life can cause this disorder. Moreover, other illness or physical and mental trauma can result in this condition. Also, if an individual is more sensitive to pain, fibromyalgia can produce worse symptoms.

Pilates to the rescue

Since, Pilates aims to strengthen the core muscles, these exercises can alleviate pain. Joseph Pilates was the pioneer of this unique system of exercises that offers flexibility and strength in back, hips, abs and the shoulder region. Everyone knows that but what you don’t know is this. Pilates developed these exercises for relief against his own problems such as rheumatic fever and rickets.

Since the idea behind Pilates was rehabilitation from injuries and pain, Pilates is still serving its purpose after 100 years. It’s an excellent reconditioning system for dancers and athletes but the reason for the popularity of Pilates among common people is due to the fact that it offers relief against pain.

How Pilates can help

In Pilates, the person performs controlled movements that are responsible for strengthening muscles and offering stamina. In patients of fibromyalgia, rigid joints and achy muscles are the reason of discomfort. With Pilates exercises, these symptoms can be minimized to a great extent. According to a study published in the year 2009, the first women with fibromyalgia who performed Pilates observed significant relief as opposed to those who were on a general stretching program.

A word of caution

Beginners or first time Pilates performers should not rule out the idea of consulting a trained Pilates instructor before getting enrolled in the program. Though this statement is true for everyone but fibromyalgia patients must be more careful.


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